My dog suffers from extreme hair loss!

Causes of extreme hair loss

Your dog probably lives, like many of his kind, in the house. Because of an almost constant environmental temperature you may experience constant moulting. Also when your dog is stressed, e.g. by a visit to the veterinarian, he can be moulting more. Maybe you have just moved, a new housemate has arrived, or his best friend just died. This all can be stressful.

Hormonal changes like castration can also lead to hair loss. Or when he has just undergone an operation, by sedation.

A deficiency in the food of especially vitamins and omega fatty acids can, among other things, result in more moulting.

How to take care of the problem

  • Brush your dog a maximum of twice a week, otherwise hairs which should not yet be loose, will become loose resulting in more hair loss.
  • A tough one. Try to prevent stress factors as much as possible. You can also use a supplement with Valerian to promote calmness.
  • Use qualitative good food, this is easier to digest. When you give dry kibble, soak it 10 to 15 minutes with lukewarm water. Stomach and intestines have less trouble to digest the food in this way.
  • Add HOKAMIX and HOKAMIX Skin & Shine to the food. Possible deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega acids will be supplemented.
  • Worm your dog regularly, that is three to four times a year, with a good wormer available from your veterinarian. Worms can be large energy consumers which can cause a bad hair coat condition.

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