My dog is often scratching on his back near its tail

Often the cause is fleas or an irritation of the anal sacs.

Fleas often cause scratching near tail

Fleas are often seen in this area. When your dog suffers from fleas, often flea faeces is seen. You can check this by rubbing a wet piece of tissue over the haircoat. When you see comma shaped droppingsĀ which show a red colour when you rub it with water (from the blood sucked by the flea) then your dog in fact suffers from flea infestation. You can use the standard chemical flea products to kill the fleas. To prevent fleas you can use a natural form of flea resisting product like garlic. Garlic contains a substance called allicin, which fleas and ticks hate.

Irritation by congested anal sacs also possible

You did the tissue test and there is no flea faeces. Then it is probable that the anal sacs are congested and possibly inflamed. This causes irritation. Dogs scratch and bite around the tail and sometimes rub their behind on the ground. Anal sacs are literally pressed empty by a normal solid stool. This will not succeed when the stool is thin from, for example, bad digestion. To support digestion you can supplement the food with Hokamix.

How to take care of this problem

  • You can supplement garlic to the food to prevent fleas.
  • Hokamix can be supplemented to the food to support digestion and to get a solid stool. Plus any wounds, caused by scratching or biting, will heal faster.

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