My dog has been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia, or an abnormal hip joint

As you probably know Hip Dysplasia, or HD, is a defect in the development of the hip joint. The hip joint of your dog is abnormally formed (flattened head and shallow pelvis) and the boney parts do not connect properly.

Factors of influence on Hip dysplasia

  • It can be inherited from one of his parents.
  • The composition of the food is important, especially during growth. It needs to contain moderate calories to prevent fast growth.
  • The way of exercising. There must not be a lot of strain on the joints. So climbing the stairs and jumping into a vehicle is too much.

How to take care of this problem

To answer your question: yes, you can give HOKAMIX Joint+ as a food supplement. This product contains 30 herbs and mussel extract with glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These substances are originally present in joints, tendons and ligaments. When you give HOKAMIX Joint+ daily to your dog, you strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the hip joint. As a result they will be less painful during movement and you counteract further wear of joint cartilage.

Tips for a dog with Hip Dysplasia

  • To make sure your dog with HD has comfortable movement, you can train the muscles. You can let him walk next to your bike, or let him swim in the summer. Active, but moderate, movement is good for the joints. It is better to exercise more often during a short period of time then to exercise a few times during a long period of time.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s bodyweight. He should not become overweight. This is a heavy load on the already injured joints.

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