My dog has bald spots, what is the cause of that?

Thyroid, parasites, food can be the cause of bald spots

You need to pay attention to other symptoms your dog may have. Are these bald spots especially on the flanks. Is your dog overweight with a bad condition, then a slow working thyroid gland may be the cause. Your veterinarian can exclude this disease by blood tests.

Or do you see bald spots spread all over the body with perhaps scurf. Then you can visit your veterinarian to exclude infections of mould or mites. In a mould infection you, or your housemates, can also get scurfy spots.

Maybe your dog has a dry dull thin haircoat all over his body, with breaking coat and scurf. It is also possible that he has a deficiency in his food of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.

How to take care of this problem

  • You can visit your veterinarian to rule out causes of hypothyroidism or parasites.
  • You can supplement the food with HOKAMIX Forte and HOKAMIX Skin & Shine to complete the food with vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.
  • It is important that your dog gets a qualitative good basic food with enough good absorbable proteins.
  • When you give dry kibble, you can soak it in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes for better and faster digestion.

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