My dog has a scaly skin especially on his back

Exclude mites

You have probably visited your veterinarian to exclude mites. Especially in young animals the mite Cheyletiella can cause scaly skin. Sometimes accompanied with itching. You can give a mite killing product.

Deficiency of omega fatty acids causes scaly skin

Scaly skin can also occur when a deficiency of omega fatty acids is present in your dog’s food. These fatty acids cannot be manufactured by your dog’s body, so they must be supplemented in its food. On some packages of dog food omega fatty acids are labelled, but when the package is opened at home the fatty acids will be rancid quickly and be of little use.

Besides scaly skin also a greasy skin: Seborrhoea

Maybe your dog also has a greasy skin. And he smells extremely ‘doggy’. Then it is possible he also has an illness called seborrhoea. A different kind of keratin is produced, what causes scaly skin. The production of sebum is also abnormal, that causes an odorous dog smell. The food that you give your dog has an influence on the composition of sebum. Especially ingredients like vitamin A and omega fatty acids.

You can wash your dog with tar shampoo or sulphur shampoo to remove the worst scurf and grease. When your dog suffers from seborrhoea other conditions can play a role, like a deviation in metabolism or fat digestion, allergy or parasites. Worth the while to discuss with your veterinarian.

How to take care of this problem

In both cases, a scaly skin or seborrhoea, you can use HOKAMIX Skin & Shine supplemented to the food of your dog. This contains omega -3, -6 & -9 fatty acids from nut oil. There are also products available with salmon oil, but often results in dog smelling like fish or getting diarrhoea.

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