My dog has a food allergy

Symptoms of food allergy

Your dog can have problems with his skin. Maybe he is rubbing his head or biting his paws. When your veterinarian has given your dog an injection against itching it normally (barely) does not work in this case. It may be the case that your dog shows more signs in the stomach and intestines and vomits, or has thin stools.

Food allergy can be the cause of itching

Food allergy can occur from all ingredients available in food. Your dog probably gets the same food for years. What they normally are sensitive to is, beef, chicken, milk, egg, maize and wheat. And this is present in a lot of commercial food. You can transfer to food with other kinds of proteins your dog has not been in contact with already, like rabbit or duck, combined with tapioca or potato. Or transfer to food with hydrolysed proteins, these proteins are clipped in very small pieces which your dog’s body will not recognize as protein. Give this food for at least 8 till 10 weeks. You may give nothing else, so no dog biscuits, dog bone, crust of bread. Otherwise this hypo allergenic food has no use and your dog will continue to itch. The transfer to other food needs to be gradually, over about a week time.

How to take care of this problem

  • You can transfer to a hypo allergenic food to exclude food allergy.
  • Use HOKAMIX Forte in combination with HOKAMIX Skin & Shine to reduce allergy symptoms and promote healthy skin.

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