The nose of my dog is scarce in pigmentation

Causes of less pigmentation of the nose

The colour of the nose of your dog is specified by heredity. Sometimes the colour of the nose fades away in colder months to appear again in summer. In some breeds discolouration of the nose from black to brown or pink appears when they turn older.
Some diseases can cause discolouration of the nose, like contact allergy, or an immune disease. Maybe you can visit your veterinarian first to exclude such diseases.
Sometimes it is not clear why the nose changes colour.

How to take care of the problem

  • Ask yourself if your dog has also other symptoms, like white hairs on his body.
  • Some animals are sensitive to plastic bowls, this can discolour the nose. Use stainless steel feeding- and drinking bowls.
  • When there are no other physical symptoms you can give Elderberry to your dog. The combination of plant colourants with high iron content in this product increases dark pigmentation on hairless skin parts, like nose, lips and eyelid edge.

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