I want to give a supplement next to BARF

You are feeding your dog such as the wild dog eats in nature, according to BARF.

Feeding BARF

BARF is an acronym for “Bones And Raw Food” or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”. The term is used to indicate the self-composition of fresh raw food for e.g. dogs, like the wild dogs lives and forages his food. The wild dog in nature eats first the pre-digested content of the stomach and intestines of its prey. Then the organs, with last of all the muscles so the meat. Dogs in nature also eat faeces to absorb substances like essential fatty acids, B-vitamins, probiotics, fibres and proteins and they eat soil for trace elements.

Why supplement BARF

When you are feeding according to BARF you probably give raw meat, added with e.g. bones, vegetables, eggs, yoghurt. It is wise to supplement this menu. For the following reasons:

  • Wild dogs eat faeces and soil, similar substances can be supplemented.
  • Our dogs live principally in a polluted environment.
  • The soil, where certain vegetables grow, are low in minerals.
  • There is a limited availability of ingredients in some areas.
  • Every dog has a different nutrient requirement, depending on e.g. hereditary factors, certain life stages (young or old) or presence of disease.

Which food supplements to use

For all these reasons it is advisable to use a good supplement like BARF KombiMix.