HOKAMIX Skin & Shine

  • for a beautiful glossy hair coat
  • for ‘bedsores’, dry scaly skin and excessive hairloss
  • effective after 4 – 5 days
  • tackles problems from in the inside
  • ideal ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • additional Omega-7 fatty acids (to promote the regeneration of the skin)
  • additional Omega-9 fatty acids (to support the heart function and maintain a good cholesterol level)
HOKAMIX Skin & Shine contains cold-pressed oil from African and American nuts. The nut oil contains different essential unsaturated fatty acids, which are of great importance to the whole body. We can differentiate between:
  • essential fatty acids (necessary)
  • non-essential fatty acids (can be produced by the body itself )
  • unsaturated fatty acids (which are more valuable to the organism)
  • saturated fatty acids (energy supplier)

Essential fatty acids

The entire body tissue and every organ is composed of very specific cells. The skin is the body's largest organ and consists of innumerable single cells, just as one single hair does. Essential, unsaturated fatty acids are a component of every cell membrane.  If there is a deficiency of these fatty acids, this will be of influence to the whole tissue. This results in skin problems such as scaly skin, eczemas, brittle hair or a coat which is too loose and hair that constantly and easily falls out. As some fatty acids are essential, they must be supplied to the body through food. It therefore does not make sense to simply add pure oils such as sunflower, olive, salmon or evening primrose oil. These oils only contain one of the different kinds of fatty acids at a time. HOKAMIX Skin & Shine meets the necessary ratio of unsaturated fatty acids. If you add HOKAMIX Skin & Shine the food every day, you will soon achieve the desired aim of allowing the skin tissue to heal, decrease scales and effectively opposing constant hair loss.
SKU: 002.00010
Sizes: 250 or 1000 ml

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