HOKAMIX Mobility

Previously known as: HOKAMIX Joint+ The addition of joint affecting agents multiplies the characteristics of the initial HOKAMIX recipe to effectively tackle joint problems. This is the reason why this product is an ideal choice for many animals with pain or signs of wear in the muscoloskeletal system. It is of utmost importance to offer an effective nutrient intake, dependent on age, breed, lifestyle and exercise of your dog.


  • stabilizes the skeletal system
  • creates a muscular support structure around the growing bones and joints
  • supports the development of healthy joints


  • supports the formation of the synovial fluid
  • mobilizes the joints
  • stabilizes the muscoskeletal system
  • strengthens the joint capsule
Also available as a tablet
SKU: 002.0010
Sizes: 150, 300, 700 or 1500 gram

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