• as a low calorie reward (only 2 % fat)
  • purely vegetable
  • during breeding and training the dog
  • with seaweed (Spirulina)
HOKAMIX Bonies are purely vegetable and low in calories. They contain Spirulina (a sea weed) in addition to the original HOKAMIX herbs. HOKAMIX Bonies contain only 2% fat and therefore are a very suited treat for dogs with a predisposition to be overweight or become obese.  HOKAMIX Bonies do not contain enough HOKAMIX herbs to meet the daily recommended dose of herbs. That is why we advise to use HOKAMIX Skin, Coat, Vitality powder or tablets as well.
SKU: 002.0006
Sizes: 200, 400, 1500 or 3600 gram

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