HOKAMIX Herbs is the orignal recipe that has been on the market since the 1980s. The 30 different herbs have a threefold action:

  • Cleanse the body;
  • Support an optimal metabolism and digestion;
  • Complement any deficiencies in the food.

A balanced diet can prevent or improve ailments. HOKAMIX is a sensible supplement to the basis food. You can adapt your dog’s meal to its requirements. Just like the wild dog does in nature.

Composition HOKAMIX

HOKAMIX products consists of natural ingredients. For example herbs, nuts, sea mussels and marine algae.
These ingredients are an important source of valuable substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements). They have a positive influence on several organs, like the liver, kidneys and heart.

Wolves and wild dogs make use of this in nature too. They do not eat their prey completely, but eat the intestines with digested grasses and other plants inside. The wild dog will supplement his food with plants. Instinctively he knows how to take care of himself. While our dogs depend on us, their owners!

“Since the 1980s we have been able to help many dogs. Owners came to us, knowing ‘ if it will not benefit, it will not harm my dog’, so they started with Hokamix. In general it takes a while before results become visible, but in almost all cases results came. The revival of dogs and the relief of their owners makes our effort worth it.”
Jan Kroeske


What is digestion?

Dog food contains e.g. meat, fat, grain and vegetables. The food components are processed and decomposed into small building blocks. Afterwards, they are transferred through the intestines  into the blood and from there to the the different organs.

A dog’s body has many organs which consists of cells. Every well functioning body cell has to be provided with the right nutrients at the right time. If several cells do not perform ideally, the whole organ cannot work optimally. Therefore, various symptoms may occur after a certain period of time.

Metabolism – what is that?

Metabolism is the processing and transportation of nutrients (food components).  Every body needs nutrients to stay healthy. Providing the body with nutrients is done via our food. Therefore, the quality of the daily food is very important. Moreover, metabolism regulates the disposal of waste products.

Why is a perfect working metabolism so important?

Does your dog have a metabolism disorder? Is your dog or cat “getting on in years”? Probably, the body is no longer fully capable of filtering the vital nutrients out of the food. This can soon result in a nutrient deficiency.

Deficiency symptoms can have two different causes.

Insufficient absorption of nutrients

Even with a high quality food the absorption of nutrients can be insufficient. So, you can help the body by adding HOKAMIX. Many herbs contain ethereal oils which supports your dog’s body. Metabolism-related disorders are clearly recognizable by bad coat structure and skin irritations.

Insufficient supply of nutrient to the hair follicle

If metabolic end products and waste products are deposited in the body, this generally takes place in the hypoderm i.e. in the space between the cells. These waste products prevent valuable nutrients from being transported to the cells in the upper skin layers or the hair follicles from being supplied sufficiently. This results in a flaky skin and causes itching. At times, the result could also be eczemas and due to a lack of supply of nutrients to the hair follicles, the coat may no longer be glossy and beautiful.

Anatomie van de hond
Switching food or making current food easy digestible (by soaking it) may give some improvement.

Supplementing HOKAMIX will

  • support digestion and metabolism;
  • improve absorption of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and replenish deficiencies;
  • cleanse the body (from the inside).

HOKAMIX helps with

Skin and Hair Coat

  • Scaly skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Bald spots
  • Excessive hair loss


  • Heart and blood vessels
  • Liver and kidneys
  • Condition
  • Gastrointestinal tract

Skeleton and muscles

  • Pain in getting up
  • Movement problems
  • Growth (pains)
  • Weak tendons and ligaments
Usage HOKAMIX You can use HOKAMIX from the moment you get your pup, that is on average at 8 weeks of age. By a good process of digestion and metabolism you can keep your dog in optimum health. When your dog has certain ailments you can use HOKAMIX to support his health.


HOKAMIX contains herbs which optimalize digestion and metabolism. In this way ingested nutrients are absorbed and metabolized in valuable building materials. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements will be optimally used and replenished. Organ function will decline if digestion and metabolism does not work properly. When waste products are not correctly broken down by the liver, or not well eliminated by the kidneys, there will be an accumulation of waste products. This can cause complaints all over the body, like skin and coatproblems and/or joint complaints. By supplementing HOKAMIX to the daily food the body will regain and stay in balance in a natural way. And many, often long term problems can be tackled. It is possible that in the first weeks of usage complaints will get worse, because the body is cleansed from the inside and all waste products have to be eliminated first. The first effects of recovery will be seen after approximately 6 weeks, if the recommended daily dosage has been given. The result is a well fed body, with a good functioning immune system, a shiny haircoat and a beautiful skin, which is in balance.


HOKAMIX is a mixture of 30 different herbs in a very precise ratio. The exact recipe is confidential of course.