“With HOKAMIX no more stomach and intestinal problems”

Kees and Ellie Trommelen, William

Our dog is called William. He is a 3½ year old Australian terrier. He is probably allergic to proteins. We were almost in despair, but with help of your supplements our dog, so as we, are feeling a lot happier.

Vomiting and diarrhea

The problems with William occured when he was a little more than one year old. William started to have gut cramps, diarrhea and vomiting, especially at night. We needed to bring him out a lot, especially at night. We gave William all kinds of food at the time, kibble, meat, frozen and pressed food. Nothing worked.
The veterinarian gave him pills for the cramps and diarrhea. At first they worked only for a short time and later on not at all.

Allergic to proteins

We were refered to the Animal Hospital in Amsterdam. William received a gut examination, blood test and an examination of his stools. To tell the truth nothing came out of it, except they thought that he was allergic to proteins.
William got a diet of one month of only horse meat an potato. Then he got kibble with hydrolyzed protein, the protein is then cut in so little pieces that the body do not recognise them.
Nevertheless he started vomiting again.


In the meantime our Pet Store suggested HOKAMIX. When we discovered your website we immediately had great confidence. And like it says in your brochure, when you are confident in life you are more open to natural products. We then send an e-mail to your veterinarian and got good advice.

Good result with e.g. HOKAMIX

William now gets since almost one year food of Simicur, HOKAMIX, HOKAMIX Skin & Shine, Sanofor Moor and GRAU Garlic. Our dog Rubi (Podenco) from Spain, also gets HOKAMIX. Both dogs are doing great on your products.

Reduce medication

William can cope with normal food now also. As extra snacks they get a tripe stick, small slice of goat cheese and a few bread crusts.

I need to mention that William got 5 g prednisone per day from the veterinarian, but after ¾ years we could reduce the dosage to 2 ½ mg a day. And since one week he gets 2 1/2 mg every other day. We are going to reduce the dosage slowly but entirely.

Represent HOKAMIX

As you see we are well thought-out, we want all the best for our dogs. We also make other dog lovers in our neighbourhood aware of the website of HOKAMIX, because we see dogs with problems more often.

You do a wonderful job and have the best in mind for dogs and cats. Thank you very much for your involvement in our little animal suffering.

William was also carsick, that is cured also.

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