“Healthy coat again with Snack Petit”

Ron, Gaby, Max and Zen Schoenmakers, Maastricht - The Netherlands

Bob lost almost all his hair. Since I give him HOKAMIX Snack Petit his hair coat became full bodied, healthy and glossy again.

At the end of august after a splendid vacation we were ready to depart from the airport of Lefkas, Greece, and go back home. During check-in we caught site of a tiny puppy in a handbag. Our children hastened to it. It turned out to be that this little dog was found on a beach by the foundation of Greek stray dogs. All on its own. They took care of the little one and nursed it back to health and know it was ready to leave for a shelter in Düsseldorf. Secretly we fell in love with this helpless creature, it was instantly named Bob by our girls.

To keep a long story short: 1 week after our departure from Greece we introduced Bob to our Leonberger Aaron. Over more than 2 years our pet dog. It matched at once! Only Bob had experienced a lot in his short life. Even though it was a healthy, happy dog, he lost almost all of his hairs within a couple of weeks because of all the stress. It was not a pretty face this bald, meagre puppy.

Via internet I searched for additional feeding or a vitamin cure for Bob. Quickly I ended up at HOKAMIX. I contacted the company Kroeske and explained my story. Immediately I was referred to one of their resellers. My traditional pet store in Maastricht turned out to be selling HOKAMIX Snack Petit. Of it I gave Bob 3-4 snacks a day. He loved it. Already after one week I noticed a fuller hair coat and gloss returned.

Now after several months. Bob still gets (and of course Aaron) his HOKAMIX Snacks every day. Now two times a day. And he looks great. His hair coat is full bodied, healthy and glossy. In general Bob has become a very beautiful animal. That’s why I can recommend HOKAMIX by heart to everyone. Just as the splendid and very personal customer service of company Kroeske.

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