“Lively, despite of joint disease”

Mrs. Verbrugge-v.d. Steen, Callantsoog - The Netherlands

J-ufo is with us since 1998. We have had a lot of fun with each other the last couple of years. That is why it was a terrible shock to hear that our Sheppard J-ufo had two bad hip joints and a bad back. We were even told to get used to the idea that it would be better to let her pass away.

At home I remembered that I still had a jar of HOKAMIX Joint+. I started that recently, because we had good experiences with our previous dogs. Because of bladder stones she got a special diet and I couldn’t give it for a while. When we found out from tests that the bladder stones were gone, I decided to supplement her food with HOKAMIX Joint+ again. I haven’t regret it for one moment, despite of her joint ailments she is very lively and likes to move. They all say that J-ufo still looks so good. With a full bodied hair coat also.

If I am not quick about putting HOKAMIX over her food when I prepare it, she even squeals a little. Maybe that’s my imagination, but that doesn’t matter. J-ufo is still with us. I think it is very good what Kroeske manufactures. In my perception it is a true miracle cure. I advise anyone to one day try the products.

Editor’s note: More than 2 years later Mr. and Mrs. Verbrugge unfortunately had put J-ufo to sleep after some TIA’s in 2010. Because they do not want to withhold their good experience from other dog owners and in memory of their loyal comrade, their special story can still be read here.

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