“Itch under control with HOKAMIX Forte”

Marcel and Irene Hendriks, Oudenbosch - The Netherlands

With HOKAMIX itch, scaling, greasy skin and bald spots disappeared. We are very satisfied about the marvellous result.

Our golden retriever Sterre has an allergy for House Dust Mites and Fleas. A disorder also known as Atopy. Because of this the skin was quickly scaling and on the irritated spots hair fell out. The vet of Kroeske BV advised us to use HOKAMIX Forte, if necessary in combination with HOKAMIX Skin & Shine to get a faster result.

After starting HOKAMIX Forte we noticed a result very quickly. The irritation decreased and hair grew back. Previously she always suffered from a greasy scaly skin. When we gave the second jar of 750 g. we noticed this was almost over. We didn’t have to wash her with special shampoo in connection with itch.

When the complaints were gone for a while we hesitated if we should stop the gift of HOKAMIX. Still, she will maintain allergic… We have decided not to run the risk that she would get it all over again. We continue to give her HOKAMIX Forte at a daily basis to keep control of the itchy skin and that still works.

We are very happy with HOKAMIX Forte. And we like to tell everyone who wants to hear of it!

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