“With Forte patches with alopecia regrown”

Nicky Baker, England

Just a quick message to say how wonderful your HOKAMIX Forte product has been for our Standard Wire Haired Dachshund a Daisy.

She’s two now and at 18 mths she developed severe patches of flank alopecia. Our vet thoroughly checked her over and concluded there was no medical reason …. Just one of those things. So after a lot of Internet research we changed her to a wheat free diet and started her on HOKAMIX.

We have never looked back. Not only have her patches completely regrown, but her coat is beautiful and shiny. She really is in such lovely condition.

Thank you.  We now have a 3 month old Nova Scotia Retriever puppy and once we get him settled on his correct diet, he will be introduced to HOKAMIX without question.

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