“Exceptionally content – beautiful coat – about Hokamix”

Mrs. Anne Mieke van Zundert, Kawoeper Hoeve, Sint Willebrord - The Netherlands

HOKAMIX is on the menu of my Labradors for years. I think of it as a valuable addition. Not that there are bad kibbles, but I am convinced that my dogs are better off with HOKAMIX supplemented to it.

All my dogs have beautiful, glossy hair coats, are in balance and have a good resistance. Illness or little ailments is unknown to them and I always have beautiful and healthy litters of puppies. I’ve been told often that my Labs always look great. Well I know what the cause of this is.

Cutting down on good food is not a good idea is my experience. Because food gets more expensive, I’ve stopped using HOKAMIX or tried a cheaper product a few times. But in about a month it always showed and every time I would quickly start with HOKAMIX again. They are just functioning better on it.

I am exceptionally satisfied about HOKAMIX Skin, Coat, Vitality. That is also what I tell my customers in the hope they continue to give it to their new house mate.

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