About us


The original HOKAMIX recipe has been on the market since the 1980s. HOKAMIX was developed by Cor Kroeske, an animal lover who could not accept the fact that nothing could be done about HD-complaints, Hip Dysplasia, in dogs. Therefore, he started investigating herbs and phytotherapy.
Cor Kroeske


Jan Kroeske: “It gives us enormous pleasure and satisfaction to get and keep dogs in optimum condition. We will always continue to do so. Although… rather than to remedy complaints, we in fact want to prevent them. That, of course, is not always possible since to a large extent complaints are connected to food. A decision to supplement with HOKAMIX is a wise one. We would like to bring that message to dog owners and with that improve animal welfare. This is our mission.”

Further development

Extensive research and tests eventually lead to HOKAMIX. This remarkable discovery and the enthusiasm about HOKAMIX resulted in a line of products used worldwide. Kroeske Senior could not have predicted this, but he surely would have loved it.

Expand and growth

From 1997 Jan and Gonneke Kroeske took over the company with the same passion as father (-in law) Cor Kroeske. They continued his lifework.  At the end of 2000 the company moved from Bennekom (NL) to Dinxperlo (NL). This building gave the opportunity to expand and grow.


Ailments and food

Since the arrival of complete feed in the 1980s it brought a lot of convenience to dog owners. But unfortunately the quantity of health ailments connected to food, like extreme moulting or itching, increased also. Food manufacturers try to imitate natural food to anticipate pet requirement. But still, despite great care of manufacturers, food-connected ailments occur frequently because different nutrients – even in qualitative good ingredients – get lost during manufacturing, or their chemical form changes during the production process (e.g. heating), this may lead to no or difficult absorption in the body of your pet.

Medicine versus supplements

Health complaints can be solved, often quickly, by medicines. But if the food is not adjusted, chances are the complaints return. By supplementing your dogs food and adjusting it to its needs, the cause is also dealt with. In a natural way the body will restore its balance. The local health perils will disappear slowly but surely.

“I also thought a complete food was really complete and supplementation was not necessary. But dog food is strongly focused on the “avarage dog”. There is a difference between bodies in how it utilizes its food. It is advisable to replenish deficiencies to prevent health complaints.”

Marina van de Water-Veenendaal, Veterinarian

Your dog is not average

Your pet is special, certainly concerning his food – because where one dog  ‘does well’ deficiencies can arise in another. Maybe you have noticed this by extreme moulting, scurf or stiff joints? When the food is not well adjusted to what his body needs, this can lead to physical complaints. Another reason is that the requirements of dogs diverge widely. These are determined by breed, age, activity, possible gestation or having a litter of puppies or kittens. Who knows if your pet’s needs are the same as the average dog or cat on which the analytics are based upon?