Optimal conditions for digestion

The 30 different components contained in HOKAMIX30 have a specific effect on different functions in the body. By supporting different organs such as the liver and kidneys, a cleansing process is set into motion.

Moreover, the intestinal activity is stimulated. At the beginning of the supplementary feeding the possibility of increased volume in faeces is present. This cleansing is the basis for an optimally functioning digestion.

Better absorption of nutrients with HOKAMIX30

Later on, the overall volume of faeces is reduced as their consistency has become ideal. These are clear signs that the dog is now able to digest the nutrients from its food in the best possible way, thank to HOKAMIX30.

The optimization of the metabolism, as well as other effects, on the organism ensures the dog is in its best condition; powerful and full of joy. Thanks to a beautiful shiny coat you can clearly see your dog is doing well and is in good health.

Frequent digestion problems

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