The power of nature!

HOKAMIX30 combines the natural ingredients of 30 valuable plants that contain bioactive ingredients. Many years of experience and many reports from satisfied dog owners show the success of this unique mixture.

HOKAMIX30 800g
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HOKAMIX30 promotes the following areas of health:

What is HOKAMIX30?

The original HOKAMIX is a blend of thirty different herbs. In a carefully chosen proportion. Therefore, adding HOKAMIX to a good food each day will optimise the nutrient requirements of your dog. Besides that, you will keep your dog in top condition and that will prevent physical complaints from developing. Moreover, no chemical additives are used, so the beneficial forces from nature can be used directly by the organism.

How does HOKAMIX30 work?

The 30 components contained address certain processes in the dog‘s body in a very special way. Therefore, it stimulates the metabolism, promotes the blood circulation, improves the performance of the organs such as kidneys, liver and intestines and thus supports purification. Everyday problems such as itching, dandruff, pain in the musculoskeletal system or a general reduction in performance are often an expression of a disturbed metabolism and can be compensated by HOKAMIX. In nature, wolves would help themselves through absorption of plant substances in the prey’s intestines.

How to use HOKAMIX30?

It is recommended to use HOKAMIX for about eight weeks in dogs of all ages, preferably at the same time as the coat is changed. If fed over this period, positive changes will soon become apparent. Besides that, HOKAMIX can also be adminstered as prevention for future problems.

Most importantly, every dog, from puppy to senior age, should regularly receive HOKAMIX. Because it helps to maintain a healthy body and gives people the security to do everything for the well-being of their favourite.

Protect and support your pet sensibly and effectively with HOKAMIX, because “prevention is better than cure”

“With the HOKAMIX products the metabolism of your dog is optimally supported. The dietary supplement HOKAMIX consists of a mixture of herbs specially formulated for a healthy metabolism. Food supplement for your dog: For a good metabolism, shiny coat & a healthy locomotor system.”
Jan Kroeske

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